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We love our blog, actually we love books, and we will be publishing information valuable to booklovers, bookworms, everyone who loves reading books, be it paper editions and kindle editions. As we all know, it depends on us if a book is made for us or not, if it really suits us. So, there are millions, hundred millions books over there, but, do you have time to read them all?
I don't think so!(Unless you forget living your life and start reading 24/7)
So what we need, is somebody to guide us. An article, that will contain all the information possible regarding a book, including:

  • Short description about the book
  • Phrases and quotes about the book
  • Handpicked reviews and comments (be it pro or against the book)
What is more important, we need you to keep it up, we need readers, and we need you more than ever. You are important for us, because it's not only the book that needs reviews, it's us also!
So, we have thought of a way to keep both of our sides happy! And to do this, we are sharing with you part of our library! Since we are booklovers too, we have our big library, and we want to share this knowledge with you too. Sometimes we can not afford buying a book, maybe because of money-related issues, sometimes we don't have a way because we want to buy it but it doesn't ship to our country. But there is a way to read books, without having these two problems. Subscribe to our blog, and you will be receiving notifications about books, information, but what is more important is you may be the winner of a free premium ebook from us. Write us in our mail account to ask for a chance of a free ebook here!
It is not like in other sites, where you have to pay or register in some spammy website, which than redirects you to other spammy places, ending somewhere that's nowhere near of what you were searching for! We watch our subscribers, and then we select a few every day, and then send them one handpicked ebook of OUR choice. 
Just for being part of our blog! How BEAUTIFUL is THAT!
We always try to show you our love!
Keep showing your love to us not by donating, but by checking our blogs!
Don't forget, today's winner may be you!
Lot's of love
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